How To Setup App Icon in Xcode

App icons are essential to getting your app noticed. They’re the first impression of your app to users.

In this tutorial we’ll teach you how to setup your app icon in Xcode.

Setup App Icon In Xcode

In Xcode, open up your Assets.xcassets file. There should be a default asset named AppIcon. Click on it.


If you don’t have an AppIcon asset, click the plus arrow at the bottom of the screen, go to App Icons & Launch Images then to New iOS App Icon.



When you open this file up, you’ll see all the different sizes you’ll have to provide. There are many different sizes:


Simply drag your images from Finder into these slots and your app will display these icons. To determine what dimensions you’ll need, look at the sizing underneath each space.

For example:


This spot needs a 20 pt, 2x and 3x. That means it needs one 40x40 image and one 60x60 image. 20 multiplied by 2 gives you the 40 and 20 multiplied by 3 gives you the 60.

Fear not, if you insert the wrong size into Xcode, it will tell you with a warning label:


You can use PhotoShop, Sketch or any of your other favorite image editing tools to resize your icon.

Once you’ve inserted all the correct sizes, your app icons will be displayed correctly.

Where to find app icons

You can find free icons to use at these sites:

Where can I resize my icon online

If you’re not good with image editing software, check out these resizing websites:

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