Pick Random Element From Array In Swift

By Eddy Chung

To get a random element from an array you can use the randomElement() function for arrays.

Here is a code example:

let numbers = [5, 2, 9, 11, 20, 3030]

if let random = numbers.randomElement() {
    print("The random number is \(random).")

The reason we need the if let is because randomElement() returns an optional. It will return nil if your array is empty.

Here’s an example where it will return nil:

let emptyArray: [Int] = []
print(emptyArray.randomElement()) // nil

This also works with any type of array, here’s an example of a String array:

let names = "Eddy, Edson, Chika, Manju, Hamilton, Amber, Disha, Soumya, Rohit"
if let random = names.randomElement() {
    print("The random name is \(random).")
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