Is iOS Development A Good Career?

By Eddy Chung

So you’ve decided you want to become a developer, the question is which kind? Is iOS development a good career?

In short, yes - iOS development is a great career choice. Read on to learn more.

iOS Developer Salary

iOS developer salaries have risen in the recent years. Average salary for an iOS developer is around $100,000. Of course, this varies depending on your location, experience, company and skill set.

San Francisco is the highest paying city and this is no surprise as this is where the major tech companies are located. Salary is great for those with an iOS development career.

iOS Developer Jobs

There are tons of jobs for iOS developers. A quick search on reveals over 500 open positions. There are many open positions for iOS developers in the US.

The jobs for iOS developers are only growing rapidly in the last couple of years. If this trend continues, we’ll see a number of companies with insufficient developers. It’s a good time to look for an iOS job.


An iOS developers career can be extremely fulfilling. This is especially true when you see your friends or family use the application you built. It’s a great feeling to know your iOS app provides utility or entertainment to people you know.

There’s also the benefit of being able to use your iOS app yourself. This is a great feature of the career.

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