How To Use A 2D Array in Swift

By Eddy Chung

2D or multi-dimensional arrays are useful in many contexts.

How To Use 2D Arrays In Swift With Code Examples

To define a multi dimensional array, use double the square brackets like so:

var arr = [[String]]

Then you can add arrays to this array:

var boyNames = ["Eddy", "David", "Ryan", "Joel", "Andrew"]
var girlNames = ["Karen", "Angela", "Holly", "Jessica", "Jennifer"]

This is the output:

[["Eddy", "David", "Ryan", "Joel", "Andrew"], ["Karen", "Angela", "Holly", "Jessica", "Jennifer"]]

To access one array at a time you cause use square brackets like this:

["Eddy", "David", "Ryan", "Joel", "Andrew"]

If you want to access one element, you can use two square brackets:


That’s how you use 2-d arrays.

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