Colors & Font Styles In Xcode - Lesson 2

This is the 2nd tutorial in the video series.

Video Tutorial

I recommend watching the video before reading over the recap.

Video Summary

Congrats you’ve made it to lesson 2!

Let’s take a look at the things we learned in this video.

Attribute Inspector

We got our first look at the attribute inspector in this video.

The attribute inspector will change based on what element you have selected in your storyboard file.

Remember, if you don’t have the right pane open, you can go to the top right button and get it to show.

There are a ton of attributes you can test out in the attribute inspector.

I encourage you to try them out and see what you can make!

Here I’ve highlighted some of the settings I changed in the video tutorial:

Attribute Inspector

In the next tutorial we’ll explore auto-layout, a system that allows you to make user interfaces for multiple screen sizes.

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