Hi, I'm Eddy. I teach iOS development.

My background and work:

  • I've been coding for over 10 years. I studied and graduated with a degree in electrical engineering from the University Of Waterloo. I am from Toronto, Canada.
  • In 2014, I worked in Seattle as software developer intern for Amazon.com
  • In 2016, I worked as a lead software developer at a startup named Juniper. Juniper was a part of a Canadian startup incubator called The Next 36.
  • For the past several years, I've lived and worked in Silicon Valley as an iOS developer for Redfin. Cali or bust.
  • In 2018, I started ZeroToAppStore to teach iOS development. I wanted to teach people how to build real apps. I saw that most of the content online was focused on building demo or very simple applications.
  • In 2019, I became a permanent resident (green card) of the United States of America through my employment. I don't think I'm leaving California any time soon :).

How I Got Started Coding

The first time I wrote code was when I was playing video games as a teenager. By writing some code, I was able to gain an unfair advantage in the game.

Later in high school, I wrote my first mobile app on the Android 2 OS.

I got my first iPhone quite early, as my family's business was a phone shop. We fixed, unlocked and flipped phones.

I went to school for engineering, not sure what I would specialized in. I was recruited in software development by Amazon and never looked back.

I continue to improved my skills and knew that if I wanted to excel at software development, I had to work in Silicon Valley.

I moved to Silicon Valley and have lived here since - that's how I became a software developer.

Why I Became A Teacher

In college, I would often teach my friends and classmates how to solve their coding assignments. Although the assignments were sometimes boring, I enjoyed connecting and helping people.

As a developer, I often spend a lot of time infront of my computer silently. Working as a professional in the industry, you have many deadlines to meet.

I missed the interaction I had tutoring people in college. I also thought a lot of the online content teaching iOS development was thin. Most of it is taught by hobbyists and the app tutorials were extremely basic.

I wanted to create a course that could teach people to build real apps, starting from little to no experience.

So I started ZeroToAppStore in 2018 and have been working on it since! Who knows where this will lead, but I'm optimistic about the future.

Got questions? Email me - eddy@zerotoappstore.com